2006. "Between ECO & EGO 2006" - Comment by Artist
2004. "Between ECO & EGO 2004" - Comment by Artist
2003. "The Pyramid of Naxozs International Art Exhibition 2003" - Comment by Artist
2001. "NIPAF01" - Comment by Artist
"A foreign country festival report : "Performance Art in NRW2000"
1999. "Review" by KURAYA Mika from "Bijutsu Techo", Feb,1999 issue
"Urbanization on the Changing Surface of the Earth - Comment by Artist
"Artist's Statement" (Asiatopia2 in Bangkok) - Comment by Artist
"A short history on performance arts in Japan" (Asiatopia2) Jaxpa'99
1998. "Review" by TANAKA Sanzou from "Asahi Newspaper", 2. Feb ,1998 issue
1996. "Occurrence called the present" - Essay by Artist
1991. "Envuronment as manifestation of "Surplus" - Comment by Artist
"SIMULTANEITA - Critic by ISEKI Masaaki
"SELF-ENVIRONMENT - Comment by Artist
"EarthWorking on the Earth"- Critic by TAKAMI Akihiko, from "Bijutsu Techo", Nov.1991 issue
"The Works of MARUYAMA Tokio - An Image of the World , - Critic by CHIBA Shigeo
"Comment by Artist" *
"Environmental Art sends loud message", THE JAPAN TIMES 14.Feb.1991 - Review by Nancy Shalala
1989. "Artist installs with materials from Tokyo Bay reclamation" - Review by RODNEY O'BRIEN
"About my Fieldwork" - Comment by Artist
1988. "Memorandums about My Performance" - Comment by Artist
"Review" - Review by OZAKI Shinjin
"Lunami Selection '88" - Comment by Artist
1986. "About Performance 1986" - Comment by Artist
1985. "AXIS 14", Jan. 1985 - Comment about Exhibition by Artist
"Moment of Transformation" - Review by TANO Kinta
"The Art of Memory" - Review by RODNEY O'BRIEN
1982. "Indication of City Component" - Review by MIZUSAWA Tsutomu
"Varuous Comments by Artist
1979. "My Reality" - Essay by Artist

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