Lunami Gallery, Tokyo 


 それはその場における、痕跡や出来事を密かに内在させている“記憶素子”と呼べるものといえます。 私の肉体に蓄積されたその空間の感触と、その拾得物とが、お互いに反響し合いながら、あたかも細胞が分裂するかのごとく増殖していき、逆に確かなものと思われていた現実が徐々に解体されて、ひどくあいまいなもののように感じられてきてしまいます。
 私は現代の都市におけるフィールドワークを通して、現実という名の表層をすべりながら、その背後に匿された多義的は意味やイメージの網の目の中に紛れ込んでいきたいと思っています。(1984. 個展案内文より)  ⇒ 展評

Walking around an area that I have selected( this is often practised for my work), I pick up some wastes coming in sight to use them as materials for my works. We could call them “Memory chips" because they have secretly in themselves traces and incidents( of the past )in the field.
I cannot but feel that the space perceptions accumulated in my body, interacting with thosefound objects, proliferate just as cells do, whereas reality, which has been considered definite, is gradually dissolved into ambiguity.
Wandering on the surface named reality through the firld work in modern cities, I should
like to put myself in the meshes of multiple meanings and images hidden behind it. (Nov,1984.)

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